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A Conversation About the Future of Words

The Afterword Podcast brings producers, creators, consumers and inventors of words to a common table. Our guests provide ramps of accessibility into each topic through authentic conversation. Whether we're talking with an author, illustrator, gamer, genealogist or comedian, we want to learn how words become catalysts for advancement and cultural progress. This podcast is for anyone who enjoys words and macrotrends and is interested in how they intersect.


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Power of Spoken Word and Art

How can word-based performance art influence public discourse?

Words have weight! Spoken word poetry is Not Just Words. Its messages have power to communicate across barriers and promote healing.

When creating art, perfection is not required. Spoken word art provides a way to release a multi-faceted language and a way for everyone to be heard.

In this episode, Jim Dukes  and Jah Smalls help us build bridges and find common ground through the power of words. Art is a conversation starter, that we listen to with our heart and see with our eyes! Make sure to join us at The Table. 

Charlotte Art League

Episode 1

Episode 2

Your Hosts

Who are Amy Bowlin & Holland Webb?

Amy is a reading teacher. Holland is a writer. They both love words. So they decided to start a conversation with other nerdy, wordy people about libraries, board games, smart cities and reading education, inclusive literature, science novels, and how Curious George escaped from the Nazis. Put on your headphones and listen in.


Amy Bowlin

Amy is a veteran teacher. She works with 6-year-olds in literacy intervention and shares with college seniors the art of teaching literacy. Balancing both worlds involves commuting which allows her to listen to her favorite podcasts, “Wait Wait ... Don’t Tell Me,” “This American Life” and “Revisionist History.” When she is not traveling to Greece to work with refugees, she likes to write, hike, kayak and spend time with family and friends.

Holland Webb by Mary Denman Photography

Holland Webb

Holland is a full-time freelance writer and editor. He spends his days writing about higher education, B2B technology, and nonprofit organizations. His clients have let him write for U.S. News & World Report, The Learning House, The Red Lantern, and Sweet Fish Media. Holland's favorite writers are Malcolm Gladwell, Olive Ann Burns, and Flannery O'Connor. In his spare time ... are you kidding, what spare time?


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